Vision Mission & Objectives

PatharPratimaMahavidyalaya is established on 12th day of March 2001 and is located in the remote place of Indian Sundarban Region. The college has Arts, Commerce and Science , affiliated to University of Calcutta and Aided by Department of Higher Education , Govt. of West Bengal.Moto of the college is :
PRANIPATENA-(Reverence) – PARIPRASHNENA ( Search For Truth) – SEVAYA (Service To Humanity)


With the expanding domain of higher education, college is committed to create educational, social, cultural, professional skill among the poor students of this remote Indian Sundarban region. Over the years , the college has been trying to promote quality education to the students, help them to improve their livelihood, increase social awareness and inculcate moral and social values among them.


To support and inspire quality education through curriculum development, Higher Education opportunity, education leadership, Community Development, Women Empowerment.


  1. To provide opportunities for enrolment of the rural students in Higher Education.
  2. To promote quality Higher Education for economically weak and socially backward section of the society.
  3. Provide maximum facility to the underprivileged students.
  4. To create social awareness, sustainable community development and patriotism among the students.
  5.  Encourage creative activities such as music, recitation, dance, drama etc.  to enhance natural talent among the poor students.
  6. To develop professional competencies among the students.
  7. To expand computer literacy among the students.
  8. Develop moral values and humanity to become a Global citizen.


Patharpratima * South 24 Parganas * West Bengal