Begining of the college

Pathar Pratima Mahavidyalaya, is situated at the centre of Pathar Pratima Block which again consists of THIRTEEN ISLANDS containing fifteen Gram Panchayets. Each Island of the Sundarban delta is separated and encircled by the natural river barrier. The total of the block is about 500 sq. Kms. with a population of approximately three lacs. There is only 40 (forty) Kms. Bus Route, available for conveyance at present. About another 40 Kms. of Bus Route is under construction now, People, generally use mechanised country boats as their conveyance iriHffe river. Local people realised that education brings awarness which again leades to complete liberation. They established primary Schools in every village to materialise their unfulfilled desire through posterity. Moreover, as many as FORTY TWO Secondary Schools and 13 Higher Secondary Schools have been established so far. A good number of students of these institution of the Block have established themselves as Doctors, Engineers, Professors in Colleges and Universities, Teachers of Public and Private Schools, officials in both public and private sector organisations and many other professions. People in this area felt long ago the need for a college to keep themselves abreast of the trends of modern education to meet the demand of modernity a college offering in science, arts and commerce along with computer, vocational and other branches of contemporary education. A section of the local ELITE interested in education also come forward to get the dream fulfilled. On March 12th, 2001 Pathar Pratima Mahavidyalaya obtained Government Sanctio in terms of Memo No. 322-Edn(CS) / 4C-11/2000 to offer B.A. General course with Elective Bengali, Elective English, History, Political Science, most desired subject Geography and all compulsory subjects in B.Com. Course as General subjects of C.U. People from all works of life of the Pathar Pratima Block have contributed generously an amount of Rupees TWO LACKS TWENTY FOUR THOUSANDS only towards the materialisation of their long cherished dream. Financial assistance also given by Ex. M.L.A. Jojneswar Das and Ex. M.P. Sri Radhika Ranjan Pramanik. July 15th 2009 is one of the important day in the history of the College. Oh that dajfthefirst statutory College Governing body was formeci as per Calcutta University First Statute Act. 1979. At present this governing body has been working. The processing of affiliation of UGC under Section 2(f) has been completed. The college will get the UGC affiliation from the comming session.


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