The college authority is trying to build a big well-equipped Library Hall for the students with all modern facilities and with a spacious Reading Room attached to it. Students may borrow books from the library without any charges or deposit for use in the Reading Room during leisure hours; but they must not remove these books from the Library and must return them on the same day. Arrangement for a science library has been made for Honours students.
Books taken out for home study must be returned within 7 days Students failing to do so are liable to be paid Re. 1/- for day's delay and no book will be issued to them again without the permission of the principal. Not more than one volume may be borrowed at a time. Honours Students, however are permitted to borrow two volumes at a time and retrn them for a period not exceeding 14 days with the special permission of the principal. Reference books, text books and rare books are nott issued for home study. Borrowers are responsible for books issued to them and if any volume in lost or damaged while in possession of the borrowers, it will have to be replaced at his/her expense.

The College magazine is publish*^ once a yeaaar and every student is entitled to a copy of the magazine. The wall-magazine is published quaterly under the guidance of an Editorial Board, constituted from among the teachers and students.

Common Room :
The college authority is trying to build a spacious common room in the college. A number of journals. Magazines and Newspaper will be in the common room arranged in a manner fit both for study and recoreational heading. There will be arrangement for various indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom etc.

In all matters related to promotion the decision of the college authority is final.

Concession :
A number of part fee studentships are granted to poor, meritorious and deserving students. Continuation of these concession depend on good conduct, satisfactory progress, regular payment of college dues and regular attendance of lectures. Applicants only with their guardians are required to appear before an interview board. Facility for help from students Aid Fund is available. In order to get help from fund, a student will have to apply to the Principal along with necessary documents. Under the supervision of the principal the Students Aid Fund committee will consider the application and selects candidates fit for getting help. All concession are liable to be with drawn at any time at the discretion of the college authority. Concession come into force from the month of November subject to payment of full tuition fees upto October, Mechanised Boat & Bus concessions, character ertificates, library and common room facility etc. will not be issued tQ^ny student who is a defaulter for more than two months.

Session of the college :
The Academic session of the college begins from the month of July and ends in the month of June next year.

Notice Board :
For the information of students, different notices are displayed on the notice board from time to time. Students should have a look at the notice board everyday. The college authority can not be at all held responsible for students oversight.

Cheap store and cheap canteen :
The college authority is trying to provide a cheap store and a cheap canteen for students, staff and teachers.

Stipends :
Stipend are given to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled tribe & O.B.C. students. Bid! workers and Minorities. All concession and stipends enjoyed by astudents must be refunded if he/she leaves the college before completing the course of study.

Transfer Certificate (T.C.):
One month's notice is required before a student seeking transfer in the middle of a session. The student is liable to pay all Annual charges (Including Annual Session Charge) in full in addition to the transfer fee which is equal to one month's tuition fee. Application for a Transfer Certificate must be signed by both father / mother / legal guardian and the student. Transfer Certificate cannot be issued to students migration from other University for Board unless they are registered in Calcutta University.