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Pathar Pratima Mahavidyalaya occupies a place of pride in the annual of higher education in West Bengal. The result of different discipline of B.A. / B.Sc. in Hons. & General level are very very satisfactqr in the last year. The results of M.A. Part-l & Part-ll is the last year is also very good. Students get first class in many discipline at Post graduate level. On the behalf of college authority I am determine to maintain strict discipline and education friendly environment within the college campus. Emphasis is also laid on regular attendance of classes, Midterm and Test Examination by students following Calcutta University Stipulations. Being the Teacher-in-charge I also want to give facilities to students in academic, cultural, sports and other welfare activities associated with students in the comming session. Computer facilities for geography students are available. Xerox facilities at a concessional rate are also available. I wish this premier institution will attain further stage of advance learning in the coming days.

Dr. Kuntal Chakraborty, Principal


PatharPratimaMahavidyalaya is established on 12th day of March 2001 and is located in the remote place of Indian Sundarban Region. The college has Arts, Commerce and Science , affiliated to University of Calcutta and Aided by Department of Higher Education , Govt. of West Bengal.Moto of the college is :
PRANIPATENA-(Reverence) – PARIPRASHNENA ( Search For Truth) – SEVAYA (Service To Humanity)


With the expanding domain of higher education, college is committed to create educational, social, cultural, professional skill among the poor students of this remote Indian Sundarban region. Over the years , the college has been trying to promote quality education to the students, help them to improve their livelihood, increase social awareness and inculcate moral and social values among them.


To support and inspire quality education through curriculum development, Higher Education opportunity, education leadership, Community Development, Women Empowerment.


  1. To provide opportunities for enrolment of the rural students in Higher Education.
  2. To promote quality Higher Education for economically weak and socially backward section of the society.
  3. Provide maximum facility to the underprivileged students.
  4. To create social awareness, sustainable community development and patriotism among the students.
  5.  Encourage creative activities such as music, recitation, dance, drama etc.  to enhance natural talent among the poor students.
  6. To develop professional competencies among the students.
  7. To expand computer literacy among the students.
  8. Develop moral values and humanity to become a Global citizen.


  1. Students must be punctual and regular in attending classes , tutorials, Practical classes, Class test examination etc. Failing to obtain at least 75% of attendance of the total number of classes shall not be allowed to sit for the concerned semester examination. A student attending at least 60% but less than 75% of total number of classes held shall be allowed to sit for the concerned semester examination subject to the payment of condonation fees. A student attending less than 60% of the total number of classes held shall not be allowed to sit for the concerned semester examinations and he has to take to the same semester examination in the very next year for attending classes and appearing at the said semester examination.
  2. Student must be seated in the classrooms at the beginning of each period. They must not enter or leave the classroom without  permission of the teacher.
  3. Students must response at the time of roll call . Impersonation of roll call is punishable offence.
  4. Use of mobile phone during class hours is strictly prohibited.
  5. Students should carefully follow the notices put up on the Notice Board ( both online and offline). No excuse will be considered if notices on the board are ignored.
  6. When a Teacher is absent in the class student should maintain a strict order among themselves so as not to disturb adjoining classes. Under no circumstances should they leave the class room without ascertaining the relieve order from Staff room.
  7. Students are expected member of teaching and non-teaching staff and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside the college.
  8. Student shall not, by their act or conduct, cause damage to the reputation of the institution.
  9. Student must be careful while handling Instrument during practical class in the Laboratory.
  10. Students are expected to come to college dressed suitably maintaining decency.
  11. Students must wear and display visibly their Identity Cards at the gate while entering the college and always keep it during college hours inside the campus.

The College

Pathar Pratima Mahavidyalaya, is situated at the centre of Pathar Pratima Block which again consists of THIRTEEN ISLANDS containing fifteen Gram Panchayets. Each Island of the Sundarban delta is separated and encircled by the natural river barrier. The total of the block is about 500 sq. Kms. with a population of approximately three lacs. There is only 40 (forty) Kms. Bus Route, available for conveyance at present. About another 40 Kms. of Bus Route is under construction now, People, generally use mechanised country boats as their conveyance iriHffe river. Local people realised that education brings awarness which again leades to complete liberation. They established primary Schools in every village to materialise their unfulfilled desire through posterity. Moreover, as many as FORTY TWO Secondary Schools and 13 Higher Secondary Schools have been established so far.A good number of students of these institution of the Block have established themselves as Doctors, Engineers, Professors in Colleges and Universities, Teachers of Public and Private Schools, officials in both public and private sector organisations and many other professions.

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